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I'm a Computer Science (B.S.) Major at Rice University in Houston, TX. Scroll down to read more about me and my projects.

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October 28, 2018

About Me

After graduating from Koc School (Istanbul, Turkey) in June 2018 with International Baccalaureate Diploma, I started my undergraduate education at Rice University (Houston, TX). I am currently a Sophomore studying Computer Science (B.S.) along with active involvment in Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I am the Avionics Testing Lead at Rice Eclipse (a rocketry club), developing avionics software and hardware for engine testing. I am also the Avionics Lead of the CubeSat team at SEDS Rice. Academically, I work in the Computer Science Department at Rice University as a Teaching Assistant.

PS: I love photography - I will be republishing my photography archive soon.


I enjoy working in interdisciplinary and collaborative environments.

Teaching Assistant

Rice University

I work in the Computer Science Department at Rice University as a COMP 140 (Computational Thinking) TA. As a TA, I host office hours and mark assignments & exams.

Years Active: January 2019 - Present

Software Engineer Intern


At OpenStax, I work in Business Intelligence Team as a Backend Software Developer intern, developing internal tools for content management team. My projects include maintaining and enhancing content management system (CMS), implementing authentication & improving system security, and working on book interface and deliveries.

Years Active: May 2019 - August 2019

Co-Founder & Head Developer

EST (E-SportsTurk)

Co-founded EST, an organization that ran tournaments and events for competitive video games. Built a totally automated tournament and match management system using Node.JS framework.

Years Active: 2015-2018

Community Manager Assistant


Helped customers with their products and performed regular server maintenance.

Years Active: 2013-2015


These are some of the projects I worked on. I support open-source.


Wagtail Import/Export Tool Ongoing Dev. & Support

This import/export tool is built for Wagtail CMS - a content management software built on top of Django, using Python 3. Even though Wagtail CMS offers many out-of-the-box features, import/export is not one of them. This package is introduces functionality to import/export pages, images, documents, and snippets across different environments.

GitHub Repository

PyPi Page

RESFET: Rice Eclipse Software for Engine Testing Ongoing Dev. & Support

RESFET is developed to make engine testing at Rice Eclipse more modular and scalable. The project consists of two parts: Engine Software and Dashboard. The Engine Software is built with C++ and runs on Raspberry Pi. Dashboard is built on Electron framework using Node.JS. Using both TCP and UDP protocols to establish communication, RESFET and RESFET Dashboard allow data accumulation and processing on any client supporting Chromium.

GitHub Repository for RESFET

GitHub Repository for RESFET Dashboard

Krammer: Online, Anonymous, and Collaborative Map of Journals Ongoing Dev. & Support

Krammer Map is an anonymous and collaborative online journal to share feelings. The project is aimed to increase collaboration and share of feelings & experiences anonymously. The project has two dependencies: Webview and CMS. CMS (Content Management System) is built with Django Framework and Webview is built with React Framework.

GitHub Repository for Map CMS

GitHub Repository for Map Webview

Rice University, H.C. Hanszen College Website Ongoing Dev. & Support

I design and maintain Harry Clay Hanszen College of Rice University's website. The website is designed with Bootstrap 4 and is built with Jekyll.

GitHub Repository

Live Website


Janszen Food Desert Map

Completed at HackRice 8 in September 2018 and won Indeed Challenge for solving societal problems.

Janszen is a website/search engine that shows whether entered location is within a food desert (where nearest supermarket that sells fresh food is at least a mile away) using Google Maps and Search API. I developed the front-end and helped building the back-end using Python, JS, CSS, and HTML.

GitHub Repository

ModelDP: Conference Management System Ongoing Dev. & Support

ModelDP is a web-based panel for MUN (Model United Nations) conferences that has features like conference application management, roll calls, badge printing and validation through the database, resolution submission, printing, and verification management. The panel is built with PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, and MySQL is used for database. ModelDP is licensed to multiple MUN conferences in Turkey.

Website & More Information

MMS: Member Management System

MMS is an internal tool for K12 institutions' MUN and EYP clubs to manage applications for the club, conference attendances, roll calls, and other administrative functions. The system is built with PHP, HTML, JS, CSS. MySQL is used for database.

GitHub Repository

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